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End of the road

Closed. (More like friends only.)


It only takes a blink of the eye

i miss being a child



by Enia Saaski Oak

My dear Mumsie,
I thought I'd better tell you,
I think you should warned,
That I will not be here
when you wake up in the morn.

There will be another girl,
Your real daughter don't you know.
With hair as golden as the sun,
And skin as pale as snow.

I'm not the real Rebekah,
no matter what you tell the folk.
My real, true, pretty,
'chanted name's Enia Saaski Oak.

I come from oh so far away,
they call it fairyland.
I live with other elfin folk,
my dear, beloved band.

I have longed to go back,
'Tis the place I do belong,
The days here are so dull,
And very, very long.

I want to fly in the breeze,
I want to dance with the trees
To be back in faerieland
Is always what I long.

But tonight the elfin folk are gonna take me back
Don't ask me how I know.
I know I'm gonna go back,
To where the flowers glow.

Soon I'll be forgotten
By animals and the folk
From now on you'll have Rebekah
'Stead of Enia Saaski Oak
it's been a year to the day since i last updated, but i still have the habit of, before typing anything, scrolling down the page and selecting my mood first. it's actually a hard decision to make, because the menu has so many possibilities. you could be complacent, then the next minute you could be crushed, the next chipper, then cynical. and that's just the C's.

wait a minute, this is just me stalling. true, i haven't written anything substantial in over a year, but isn't writing like riding a bicycle? actually, the reason for my departure from the blogosphere is my growing disillusionment with online blogs, vlogs, and social networking sites such as facebook.

but i'm considering returning to writing, friends-only style.

holler if you're still out there. <3